Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hope in You

For so long I have hidden away my heart
But something happens when I hear your voice
Feelings and wants come rushing back
My heart taking over in this I have no choice

So many times have I been given false hope
And for once I want to have it be true
To throw caution fully to the wind
Only wanting to believe souly in you

To have the smiles and the laughs
No looking back on the moments only to cry
To keep you in my heart forever
And not having to ask the question why

So now I am gunna give it my all
Close my eyes and see the world through yours
Let my heart and your hand be my guide
No more secrets, no more closed doors.


Hanis MY said...

salam ziarah..nice wordings!

Why Farouk said...

hanis,tq dear! :)

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