Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Hope Tomorrow There'll be a Sun in Arau

after the cyclone shocking,the rain seems like doesn't want to show any sign to stop since 3 days ago. its very cold here in arau,where we all have to wear about 3 layer of shirt,something which is unusual thing to do in perlis bcoz the weather are normally brighty,sunny n hotty all the time..
the flood are already attack,n everybody are trapped in this latest existence island of 'kepulauan arau'.. hahahaha.. *planning for some new holiday vacation spot?? lol..
we r not allowed to leave the campus because of the bad condition out there..
hurmmmm.. my fren n i juz planning to have some 'braining relaxing teraphy' in penang (lol,hahah!) in about 2,3 days from now,but seems like we r still not sure for the plan to happen or not.. well,everything happen for a reason..  whats important is everybody in arau are safe,n nothing bad will be happen.. YA ALLAH,LINDUNGILAH KAMI DGN RAHMAT MU.. :)


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